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Advancing Sustainability Intiatives for Africa

About Us

About Us


The Institute for Sustainability Africa (INŚAF) is an independent multi-disciplinary independent think tank and research organisation on sustainability and sustainable development in Africa founded in 2010 initially as Centre for Environmental Accountability (CENAC). The Centre was transformed in 2012 to an Institute and registered as an Independent Trust (MA1218/2012). The Institute provides the strongest possible professional focus on sustainability and sustainable development while dedicating to be an international centre of excellence in Africa. The Institute continue to be involved in international developments.


The Institute operates on a sustainability business model drive by implementing sponsored or donor funded programmes and providing technical support services to stakeholders across sectors. The model rest upon three strategic units: Programmes, Research and Advisory.


The colours of Institutional logo are symbolised the following attributes:

White - Enlightened Africa.

Green – Environment and nature.

Blue - Climate of transformation and hope.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Advance Sustainability Initiatives for Africa.

Our Mission

Foster Sustainability Initiatives and Innovations towards Green Economy, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Living through applied research, programmes and technical support services across sectors.

Our Values

  • A non-partisan research institute;
  • An agent for change that promote transformation towards sustainability;
  • Committed to rigorous and objective research and analysis to support policy and decision making across sectors;
  • Capable of handling complex economic, environmental, developmental and social issues honestly;
  • Committed to environmental sustainability principle, practices and values.


  • The Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI)
  • Syntao, China
  • United Nations - Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN)


22 Walter Hill Avenue
Eastlea, Harare

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Phone: +263 8644 109 755

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