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Advancing Sustainability Intiatives for Africa



Our programmes are delivered under the following themes across sectors:

Economic Sustainability & Development

We recognise that economic development has impact on environmental and social being. The Institute acknowledges the critical function that the private sector plays in economic development. The institute work strongly with policy makers and private sector in integrating sustainability in all economic development and business practices for economic sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change

We acknowledge that the environment is critical to human life and development. Climate change is a rising phenomenon which cannot be ignored. The Institute work strongly with the private sector and other stakeholders in responding to climate change and environmental stewardship.

Social Sustainability & Development

We acknowledge that no meaningful social development can take place without contributions of the private sector. The institute works in creating partnerships and linkages between the private sector and communities for sustainable economic development. The Institute support private sector business models and frameworks that promote social cohesion and poverty alleviation.

Sustainability Leadership & Governance

We understand that successful management and implementation of sustainability and sustainable development strategies depends on leadership capacity and governance ideology. The Institute provides programmes that develops sustainability leadership that ensures sustainable decisions for a better future.


Our programmes are implemented through the following strategies

  • Research and Policy Analysis
  • Advocacy & lobbying
  • Training & Capacity Development
  • Projects Implementation
  • Technical Support and advisory
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


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